Campus Interview Preparation: Choosing a Perfect Outfit

A job on campus has a lot of advantages. Besides financial ones, it familiarizes students with work ethics, fosters the sense of responsibility, and gives one a chance to fill in the “Work Experience” section on a resume. But, most importantly, having gone through the process of applying for a job in college, graduates have an edge when it comes to an actual job interview. Although a campus interview may be less demanding, it still requires thorough preparation. Despite the all not-judging-the-book-by-its-cover policy, the interviewers DO take notice of what the prospective interviewee looks. So, these are some pieces of advice to bear in mind.

Tips on What to Wear to a Job Interview

Before choosing an outfit for the big day, you have to think about what your potential job entails. Is it formal or informal? Once you settle on that, just use your common sense. Still having doubts? Then check out these fashion ideas for the most popular jobs on campus.

  • What-to-wear-to-a-college-campus-job-interviewTeaching assistant. There is no need to show up for a campus job interview too formal, even when it comes to teaching assistance. Sure, the teaching staff would hardly appreciate it if you come to their office wearing a pair of shorts and flip flops, but it does not mean you have to wear a business suit either. Dark blue slacks and a shirt with stripes are just what you need for a semi-formal look.
  • Tutor. Your job will entail working with students, so you should dress accordingly, which means – be yourself. There is nothing more casual than a pair of jeans with a button-up top. As for the footwear, small flats perfectly match this look. However, you must make sure that your clothes look neat and tidy. It means no scruffy sweaters!
  • Campus SMM. Wearing a pink tweed skirt with a white silk blouse and a mustard cardigan, you will definitely make a statement! This extraordinary yet tasteful look speaks for your creative personality, and it is just what they are looking for in SMM candidates.

Even though the clothes may speak volumes about your personality, you will also have to do some talking. So, do not forget to look through the typical interview Q&A not to get caught flat-footed.

Published: November 11, 2016