Truth Behind Living at Home for Uni: What to Expect

Traditionally, when it`s time to go to college, students are supposed to leave their homes and seek accommodation elsewhere. Sure, it`s not compulsory, but flying the nest is considered as a rite of passage, which turns a teenager into an adult. It`s been stuck in our consciousness for so long that the majority of the high school graduates don`t even think about applying for local colleges, which could save them the trouble of moving home. This idea may have some drawbacks; that is why I will not try to talk you into this, but still, it`s worth knowing that there are other alternatives.

Things to Consider When Opting for Parents` Home as a Student Housing


Privacy issues. Obviously, staying at home means you have to abide by your parents` rules and, as it`s always the case, restrictions. If you want to get the taste of true student living with all those all-night-long parties and stuff that comes with them, you have to leave.

Making friends. I`m afraid it`s another argument against staying at home. Living on campus entails lots of activities, which make it way easier to start a conversation with a stranger and become friends eventually. Whereas, if you stay at home, the chances are that your school BFFs would choose a different way. So, without your peers around, you may get lonely.

Saving possibilities. By this point, you may have already made up your mind against the home residence. However, you shouldn`t jump to conclusions. While two previous points may cause a slight inconvenience, this one can totally make up for that. Yes, we are talking money here. Staying at home provides an ample opportunity to reduce the cost of living. Firstly, you do not pay rent, which is a huge benefit itself. Secondly, not only don`t you need to buy food, but, you actually have it served for you (if you are lucky to have parents like mine). So, what if you don`t go out much? At least, you have some extra money to indulge yourself with a little something once in a while.

To tell the truth, I do not regret having lived with my parents through college years. It was a very confusing time for me, and if it had been for their support, I wouldn`t have done so well.

Published: October 28, 2016