Ideas for Bachelor Party

One day, you, guys, will be married. And you MUST throw an unforgettable bachelor party. Read our guide to make it as best as you can!

Bachelor Party Planning

In A Traditional Style

Make sure the groom is okay with going to a strip club and having a blonde chick lap dancing. It may confuse him and will surely disappoint his bride. So, do not hesitate to clarify such a delicate issue. You may play poker, PlayStataion, strike ball, or any other masculine staff. Drink some whiskey and smoke fine cigars!

Vegas Hangover

Since the city is quite expensive, you have to ensure you can afford it and more important handle so much fun! Grill bars, gambling, night clubs, and other man-like amusements await your best bud and you in Las Vegas. It is, probably, not the most reasonable thing among the best party tips, but if you feel that your local area is not enough, go to Vegas!

Ideas-for-bachelor-partyMake It Active

Why don’t you guys go somewhere outside? Playing basketball or baseball, riding a motorcycle, or just having BBQ outside? As for me, it is much more pleasant to spend some free time in the fresh air.

Extreme Is an Option

You may make your party a complete bachelor bash with doing some extreme things! Jumping with parachutes, rope jumping, riding BMX, or, at least, scuba diving will make the groom braver than he is, especially before marriage.

Travel Somewhere

Make a good trip! Get enough gas, food, beer (but do not drive when you are a little drunk) and go to some fun places whatever the groom chooses. You, as the best man, may help to correct the route.

Finally, I should say that the main point of a bachelor party is not only to drink alcohol in the area but also to bring unique experience for your best friend and yourself. One day, you will be in his shoes.

Published: November 3, 2016