This Policy of Fair Use (hereinafter the “Policy”) is incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of our company as its integral part. Provided that there is any contradiction between the documents of the company and the present Policy, the Policy provisions should be viewed as prevailing.
The rules of the website and the guidance on how inconsistencies may be avoided are included in the Policy.

Fair Use: What Is It?

The utmost goal of our website is to give academic support to the students and let them get professional guidance to overcome various academic problems on the way to their successful career. We take responsibilities of devoted tutors whose work is oriented at helping the students understand the academic material and conduct profound research.
We guarantee that if a student uses the materials provided by the writers of the website (hereinafter, “Papers”), he/she will definitely obtain sufficient expertise and knowledge to excel in class. This Policy is designed to give an overview of how the Papers are supposed to be used.
The main function of the writers is to make knowledge attainable for the students, which might be otherwise impossible because of a number of factors: too many study materials, complex study programs, or lack of time.
The purpose of the Papers provided by the writers of our website is not to break the principle of academic integrity but to ensure in-depth research of the topics. The writer is viewed as a helper, who gives models and examples to follow as the student makes use of the written paper and gains an insight into the fundamentals of a certain topic.

All Papers are prepared for educational purposes only and our writers are expected to:

  1. Explore the key topic and identify the main aspects in the raised problem, giving an overall idea to the student and letting him/her gain its understanding;
  2. Make the requirements of specific tasks and assignments clear, drafting a sample according to the provided specifications;
  3. Guide the students on how to handle various types of academic tasks;
  4. Teach the students plan their further inquiries in the topics of their research;
  5. Facilitate learning of specific vocabulary and terms on a specific issue studied;
  6. Help the students make their knowledge structured via a particular logical framework for dealing with academic tasks;
  7. Equip the students with sources and materials for further studies and research.

The main purposes of the Papers from the writers are:

  1. To obtain extra resources for studying a particular issue;
  2. To gain a general idea and apply it in further papers written without any assistance;
  3. To check on the correct understanding of the studied topic;
  4. To overview the basic points of the assignment to the writer to let him focus on them in the course of research;
  5. To let the students produce an original paper after the arguments, ideas, and thoughts are collected;
  6. To present a contrary point of view;
  7. To check on the correct quoting and citing throughout the Paper as it can serve as a sample of proper referencing.

According to the principle of academic integrity, you should use our Papers as models for your original assignments. We recommend you not to submit any of our completed tasks to demonstrate your diligence, adherence to the national legislation, regulations of your college or university, and this Policy.

Policy of Zero Plagiarism

When someone takes the ideas, words, or theories of other researchers without due credit, it is a case of plagiarism as it is violation of the basic academic standards.

Zero Tolerance to Plagiarizing

No papers written by someone else should be submitted to your educational institution. Using the Papers we provide in due manner, you will gain knowledge; otherwise, you will deprive yourself of a chance to develop and excel in studies owing to your own effort taken.

Fair Use

If you decide to use the services we provide, you are responsible for the proper use of our Papers. You should not claim your copyright or ownership rights of the Paper. Moreover, you cannot submit the assignments as your own. If you make amendments in the paper, you need to make sure that the improved sections are plagiarism-free. We recommend using reliable software to detect all signs of plagiarism.
Reading the Policy, you are aware that the Papers given by our writers should be used only as samples for understanding the course materials. We provide you a non-exclusive license with the right to use the Papers without distribution or commercial use, and we reserve our exclusive rights for distributing the Papers.
Provided that you violate the regulations of our Policy, you should be aware of possible consequences you may face according to the legislation of the state or regulations of the institution. In case of your non-compliance with the provisions of the Policy, you acknowledge that you cannot blame the website or its writers for any consequences of your actions.
In case of any disagreements with the Policy, we recommend you not to use the services of our company.

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We value our cooperation and we hope that the principle of academic integrity will be its core feature. A Compliance Team of our website will handle the cases of unfair use, if such appear. At every stage of our collaboration, we make sure that all the necessary anti-plagiarism measures are taken.
Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have information about violating the Policy of Fair Use or questions about it.

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