Personal Statement

A personal statement is a written piece – a type of essay – that describes the writer’s characters e.g. their strengths and weaknesses. Personal statements are often used as part of the application process for academic courses and jobs as a way of defining the applicant’s achievements and aspirations. The nature of the statement can differ from one application to the next. However, in almost every case, the goal is for the writer to describe their qualifications and relevant experience, and to set out their objectives and demonstrate their writing abilities. Therefore, a document of this type is a form of application letter that shows a potential employer or admissions panel that you are a suitable candidate. Therefore, it is important to be thorough. The final statement must be a highly polished document that grabs the readers’ attention.

There is no doubt that personal statements are an integral part of most applications. If you are tasked with writing an essay of this type, your aim should be to describe your intellectual ability and accomplishments. It is also an opportunity to describe your academic achievements. What you write will enable the reader to gauge you as an individual as well as in the capacity of potential employee or student. In your statement, you should also mention your work history and describe any challenges you encountered. There is no specific personal statement format that a writer should adhere to. The only requirement is to provide a true statement about your educational achievements and any other factors that are relevant to the application.

At some stage or other in their lives, virtually everyone is required to submit a personal statement that describes their academic qualifications and all-round skills. Many writers find tasks like this frustrating and it can be particularly disappointing if the reader does not find it sufficiently interesting or relevant. People have various feelings about writing personal statements. Some do not know how to write them effectively. When they begin, they find themselves at a loss to know what to write about or what points to focus most closely on. Many writers do not understand the basic requirements of a good personal statement. Moreover, often, when someone writes their own statement, it contains grammar and language errors that create a bad first impression. Hence, many students and job applicants begin looking for assistance from a professional custom writing service, someone who can write a professional-looking statement on their behalf.

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