Thank you very much for your time devoted to our services. Customers’ confidentiality and protection of their personal data is our major concern. Thus, we put in hard effort to prevent clients’ private information from misusage. You should take the following facts into account to know what information is gathered when browsing our website.

When our webpage is browsed, we gather data about:

  • Customers
  • Users of our online resource.

Our computer server collects the following information:

  • Access time
  • Sort of web browser
  • Operating system.

When gathering the above-mentioned details, we are not intended to invade one’s privacy. They are collected just to update the content of our website and present useful information to our visitors. We are not aimed at disclosing or selling any customers’ data when they are gathered through such means.


Our chief purpose is to build a superior webpage that is easy to browse. For this reason, we collect “cookies.” Thus, we can get essential data about the number of our guests, surfed pages, etc.

Amassing Personal Details

If you are aimed at using our services, note that you may need to give us:

  • Your name
  • Valid email
  • Current phone number.

The pieces of personal information presented above should be provided when establishing an online account. These details will be used only when dealing with customers’ orders. For example, there are some cases when a client forgets to provide essential instructions on the placed order. That is why we ask our customers to make sure that the indicated contact details are exact. In this way, we will be able to provide excellent services. The private details of our customers are available to our staff only. No items of personal information are sold, published, or shared with the third party.

Online Payment

The payment methods that we employ are absolutely safe. Therefore, no billing information is revealed. Our Financial Department may reach a customer and ask to prove his/her identity to prevent a financial scam.

Our Clients’ Rights

Everyone can change information stored in their personal profiles. When you make some modifications, please inform our Support Members about it.

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