A report is a written piece that sets out various facts. A great deal of knowledge and preparation is required for report writing. The process also requires a degree of investigation as well as the documentation of a variety of information e.g., statistics, the results of experimental work and so on.

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Our company offers specialist writing services and helpful report writing tips to accommodate all types of written assignments. Our service is a useful tool for any student, whatever their academic level. Students are required to write all types of reports during their academic careers. These reports differ widely in terms of the writing style and the discipline they are required for.

Some Examples of the Different Report Types

If you are wondering, “what is report writing,” it is important to know there are different types of reports. Here are some examples of the different types:

  1. Book Reports. The largest part of a book report is devoted to summarizing the book’s information or plot. This type of report usually concludes with a short personal statement from the writer.
  2. Business-Style Reports. As far as examples of report writing are concerned, this is another good example. Reports are often used in business to describe a company’s products or services, to outline its marketing policies, for the presentation of ideas, and for other reasons. A business report can be either formal or informal. The informal type is generally short, perhaps around five pages in length. Mostly, these are written in letter or memo form. A formal business report is usually much longer and more detailed than the informal variety and requires the writer to collect an extensive amount of information. Business reports can also vary in type, depending on how much detail needs to be presented and how this has to be arranged.
  3. Field Report. A field report is a compilation of data obtained from a particular discipline or field of study. Reports of this type are often produced independently by students or by groups of students from a particular faculty. A field report is conducted in a natural environment and is often the final presentation of facts from that field.
  4. The Formal Report. A formal report can apply to business or college writing. Here, the writer needs to gather and interpret a variety of data for the reader(s). This type of report is written to provide a formal account of a significant project. Furthermore, formal reports can be quite complex in nature, usually requiring extensive analysis and research work. A formal report is usually indirect in its structure. This type of report starts with the presentation and analysis of information, the writer’s conclusions, and a number of recommendations based on the information provided in the report.
  5. The Progress Report. A formal report sets out an array of facts and describes how some project or event has developed since the previous progress report on the same issue. Progress reports are prepared for a specified period of time or on an ongoing basis. An annual financial analysis of a business’s performance is a typical example of a progress report.
  6. Technical Reports or Experimental Findings Reports. Generally, this report writing format is required in particular fields of work or industries and, as the title suggests, these reports are of a technical nature. The information in the report should be directed at a specific type of reader, be consistent in format, and have a specific purpose. Because of its nature, a technical report usually contains a significant amount of data and calculations, and presents data taken from experts in the relevant field.

Anyone who knows how to write a college report will know that this type of writing is more difficult than standard research paper writing. A considerable amount of time, energy and effort goes into report preparation. To save preparation time, tutors often assign reports as a group endeavor where individuals within the group are responsible for specific parts of the work. The students within the group determine the various roles themselves based on the skills, abilities and competencies of the individual members of the group. When a ‘report’ group is formed, a suitable role is allocated to each participating member. It is easier to work in groups than for an individual to work by themselves. Each member has less overall responsibility and they do not need to learn about subject matter that doesn’t interest them or that they aren’t especially good at. The team is normally coordinated by an appointed leader who assigns individual tasks and manages the work. This saves time. However, what do you do if you have to write an entire report yourself and you are keen for it to be a success? Moreover, what do you do if you need help with the task?

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